Who are we?

There are two ways to explain who we are. It is up to you to pick which one you want to believe…

The Red Pill | The Reality

The Gene Rewriting & Temporal Research or GReaTeR is a grassroots Filipino corporation based in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the independent nation and state of the Philippines. We have been in the business of gene manipulation and time-travel research for, perhaps, two decades or more. No one knew exactly when GRTR was founded, the temporal war the other corporations and megacorps started has shifted history numerous times.

Yes, we are at war. A temporal war where we need to keep the timeline integrity of Gene X corporations and changing those who dares to undermine our efforts to save the future of humanity. Most people, in all times and timelines, are not aware of this temporal war for they are being controlled by those who want to keep the truth away from them through mind conditioning. They call us gamers and/or conspiracy theorists, thus, people dismiss the truth which is right in front of their faces!

The Blue Pill | Your Peaceful Dream World

We are a group of gamers, based in the Philippines, who has chosen the megacorp Gene X. Gene X is a faction in the MMOARG called Delta T, developed by India-based game studio Empower Labs Pvt Limited.

You may have seen us out there in your peaceful dream world busy with our gadgets and thinking how immature and stupid we are for playing games in the middle of the city. Or maybe, you checked if Gene X and the Gene Rewriting & Temporal Research are registered corporations but found both does not exist. We simply do not exist, a real corporation can never exist in a dream world.

Or maybe, we got everything in reversed? Your peaceful dream world is the real world and what we call "The Reality" is the world beyond imagination? Who knows?