GReaTeR Genes is the Answer!

…incoming transmission from the future…

The Gene Rewriting & Temporal Research is a corporation based in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. We have been in the business of pushing the boundaries of science in gene manipulation and time travel for some time now, and we have allied ourselves with Natasha Roy, the founder and CEO of Gene X.

Here in GRTR we believe that the way to save humanity is to have GReaTeR Genes.

Doomed Solutions

Nanotechnology by respectable Takashi Noma of Nyoko Labs seems promising. However, if we pursue this path without solving the problems in our genes, it will soon overtake nanotech and we'll be back to counting down the doomsday clock. Nanotechnology is not the answer, however, it is a useful technology that we can use in gene editing, improving technologies, and rebuilding our devastated world.

Escaping our dear planet earth and resettling on the red planet won't help us either. Allen Maverick's Cosmostellar has its roots from the ancient space race that became anything but. Anyone who believes humanity can be saved by leaving our birth planet will soon find out that we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes our ancestors here on earth did. Right now, what we need is to save humanity; colonising other worlds can come after we ensured we will live on.

Cris Russel's idea of a bionic race and calling their project Humanoid is one huge lie. There is absolutely nothing human in becoming one with machines, they might as well call their project Nomanoid. No, we refuse that this is the way forward to save humanity.

Our solution: gene rewriting. By editing our genes, we can remove those traits that led our ancestors to disregard nature, wage wars, think for only themselves and how they can make their wallets fat, and ensure that future humans will live and breath for the betterment and security of humanity, not only here on earth but beyond.

Temporal Research

We also do temporal research here in GRTR. Time travel is a great tool to buy us more time. Through the use of temporal technologies, we can send information back in time and increase our study of gene rewriting and time travel itself. This has been great thus far.

Until it was used as a tool to sabotage our efforts. In light with this new dynamic, we allied ourselves with Natasha Roy and started training Timekeepers. These are especially trained individuals whose objectives is to keep Gene X allies in continuing our research in saving humanity, and to retaliate in kind to those who sabotages our efforts.

This is our world today. There is no future or past, only the present. Your time and our time are connected as one. Join us and save humanity. Our existence depends on your tomorrow.